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Thomas WINGETT - mystery man


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Latest News (09/15)

Thanks to a kind contact who is researching BOYCE, we now have a little more circumstantial evidence to link this family to Cockington, Devon and the Mallock of Cockington files, currently held in the Devon Archives. However, Thomas WINGETT, still remains a bit of a mystery: Why did he owe his mother so much money? Why did his elder brother receive an annuity from the MALLOCK family of Cockington?
For the additional information, please see the now slightly extended family tree below.

Thomas WINGETT and his son

These splendid portraits were kindly provided by Ian Hearder, a descendant.  Click on them to view the portrait full size and use your BACK button to return here.  The names below the portraits link to further information.

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Is it my imagination but doesn't Thomas WINGETT above look very like Mark WINGETT - the actor from The Bill?  Perhaps they are related?

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Dr. Thomas Tozer WINGETT
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william browne wingett

Dr. William Browne WINGETT
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Thomas WINGETT (?-?)

I've called Thomas WINGETT a mystery man because currently we don't know very much about him.  

Usually in family history investigations I know all kinds of things about the person but haven't an clue what he or she looked like.  With Thomas this situation is quite the opposite.  I have his portrait but, although we now have a pretty good idea about when he was baptised (?Cockington, 1787), we still   don't know too much about his life or his date of death or burial.  All we know is that Thomas died sometime between 1822 (birth of his last child) and 1851 (when his spouse was described as a widow in the census).  But he was obviously fairly comfortably off and must have left some traces.  We just need to find them.

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We do not yet know how this family connects into other WINDGEAT family trees.  The tree below has been put together from information supplied by Ian Hearder, a descendant, and from the information in these wills together with circumstantial evidence from the Mallock of Cockington files:

All surnames are WINGETT unless otherwise specified and printed in capital letters.  You may need to scroll right to view it all.


Henry WINGETT/WINDEATT of Paignton m. Margaret UPTON (1754, Marldon)
   William WINGETT m. Jane TOZER (1781)                                 Lt William BROWNE m. Elizabeth HENDERSON
     __________|____________________________________________                  |
    |                 |                  |                  |                 |
 William              Mary            Elizabeth     Thomas WINGETT            | 
 bpt.1782 (Totnes)   1784-1855)                   (bpt.1787,Cockington)       |
m.Margaret FISHLEY  m.John COOMBE                  m. 1811  Elizabeth BROWNE(1786-1862)
     |                 |                    ______________|_______________________________________________________________________________ 
     |                 |                   |             |                |            |              |                   |              |
     ?              George COOMBE         Elizabeth     William     Mary McLeod     Anne Browne  Dr. Thomas Tozer  Dr. William Browne   Sarah Maria
                                        (1811-1870)    (1814-1815)  (1815-1818)    (1817-1885)      (1820-1860)       (1822-1865)      (1815-1833)
                                        m. 9/04/1836                                              m. 30/06/1854
                                   George Parry HEARDER(1811-1844)                                   Margery Forbes DOW
         |                         |                        |                     |
 Elizabeth Anne HEARDER   Dr. George Jonathan HEARDER   Thomas Browne HEARDER   Mary Wingett HEARDER
     (1837-1866)                 (1839-1894)            (1840-1871)              (1843-1929)
       dsp                                                                          dsp


Thomas WINGETT's parents are not currently known with any certainty.  But we can guess (from her will) that Jane WINGETT is his mother and that they had fallen out over a debt of hundred pounds:

We think Thomas may well be the son of a William WINGETT and a Jane TOZER who married in Totnes in 1781.  This links up both with the birth of his brother William in 1782 and with the use of TOZER as a second name for Thomas WINGETT's second son.  Also the WELSFORD family named in her will were in Totnes and Plymouth in the same timeframe.


We know almost nothing of two of his siblings either.  The only information we have comes from their mother Jane WINGETT's will and his sister Elizabeth WINGETT's will.


Elizabeth Browne (1786-1862) was born at Woolwich, the daughter of Lieutenant William BROWNE (1748-1833) of the Royal Artificers and Elizabeth HENDERSON. They later moved to Stoke Damerel, near Plymouth where she married Thomas WINGETT on 11th February 1811.  In 1851 she was described as a widow in the census residing in Compton Gifford, near Plymouth and living on investment income (a fundholder).

Here is a link to the

Here is a photo of Elizabeth on the left.  This was probably taken in about 1855 when she would have been about 70.
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Lt. William Alexander

And here are portraits of her brother Lt. William Alexander Francis Browne, Cameronians (1783-1805) on the left
and her father, Lt. William BROWNE (1748-1833) on the right. 
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Lt. William BROWNE


Thomas and Elizabeth had seven children but only Elizabeth, Anne and the two boys whose portraits are above survived into adulthood.  All of them moved up to Scotland where they had relatives on their mother's side of the family.  The two boys both died at quite a young age (40 and 38).  I wonder why?

No photo Elizabeth WINGETT (1811-1870) married George Parry HEARDER, a printer and publisher of Plymouth, on 9th April 1836.  Her husband, George HEARDER, died on 9th November 1844 and is buried in the churchyard of Eggbuckland, near Plymouth. In 1851, Elizabeth HEARDER moved to Dumfries where she took the position of Matron at the recently founded Crichton Institution at the invitation of her cousin, Dr. W. A. F. BROWNE who was the Medical Superintendent. She had four children. 
Anne Browne WINGETT (1817-1885) did not marry, in 1859 she was living in Broughty Ferry, Angus, probably with her brother, Dr. William Browne Wingett.
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Thomas Tozer WINGETT was at one time Apothecary at the Crichton Institution. Later he was Medical Superintendent at the Dundee Royal Lunatic Asylum. He married Marjory Forbes DOW, 30th June 1854, Dundee. She became Matron at the Dundee Asylum.
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William Browne WINGETT was a physician at Broughty Ferry and at one time at the Crichton Institution.
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The portraits and most of the information on this page has been supplied by Ian HEARDER, a descendant.


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